Beginning Sonar 8 (DVD)

Besetzung: DVD

For Windows users, there is no better program for audio recording, composing, editing, mixing and mastering than SONAR 8 Producer. This step-by-step, one-on-one video helps you take full control of the program and features a walkthrough of all its important features and applications. You'll learn to record professional-quality audio tracks, use expert MIDI production techniques, utilize the huge library of plug-ins and master the amazing Dimension Pro synth (featuring over seven GBs of samples). With this DVD, you'll learn how to record a complete song from start to finish. No other Windows recording software can match the power of SONAr 8 Producer. Use this video to perfect your music and ignite your creativity every time you open the program. Unleash the power of SONAR 8 Producer today!

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